Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank you, Mailyn!

Ok...first of all, sorry for the above picture. I was desperately looking for a good celebrity clapping picture and all I could find was Michael Jackson. This was back when he was normal.

In any case, as you all can see, I have a new template. Mailyn from IMAGINARY ORIGIN is the creator; she totally rocks. If you have not read her blog, please DO SO NOW!!! Mailyn's blog is original, funny, definitely kick-ass, if I may say so myself. She's also a great gal! You'd be foolish not to check out her blog! Do it TODAY!!!


Mailyn said...

Aww...I'm glad you liked it! Feels nice after coming home feeling like crap to see something like this.

*hugs* :)

BTW....scary MJ picture LOL

romancelover said...

Mailyn, You got me...I bought Feehan's DARK PRINCE at a UBS yesterday. The UBS owner told me I would love the series, too. Can't wait to read it!

Janet W. said...

Your blog looks fantastic and when oh when am I going to go UBSing with you?

Your store sounds beyond belief good!

Dylan said...

Amen to that sister, Mailyn is the serious BOMB!!! LOVE HER!