Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not Diered Yet

I discovered Debra Dier a couple of weeks ago and last weekend managed to find more of her books. I love her writing. She's a cross between Lisa Kleypas and possibly...I don't know...Liz Carlyle, maybe. I recommend her books. I've read three already and I've really enjoyed them. Can't find anything about her though. It's frustrating because I hate to discover an author and then realize they've stopped writing or have fallen off the face of the earth. Dier's last work was in 2002.

Read Anne Stuart's THE DEVIL'S WALTZ. Loved it and highly recommend it. The hero was a real rake, real scum of the earth; he needs money and tries to ruin the heroine's charge so he can obtain it. Of course, he ends up becoming obsessed with the very proper heroine who tries to fight the attraction as much as possible. It was my first Stuart and I'm looking forward to reading more.

Tracy Anne Warren's THE HUSBAND TRAP received a B review on AAR. I read the book a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it. The review is pretty accurate. Definitely try this one out!


Mailyn said...

yay! I loved Devils Waltz, I really like Anne Stuart but I still go by her older books. you have got to read the two I told you aboute. hehehe :)

ames said...

I just read Anne Stuart for the first time myself not to long ago. But it was a contemporary - Black Ice. I enjoyed it and was told her historicals are good too.

sybil said...

last email I could find:

debradier@aol.com or DebraDier@aol.com

her old site is here

And it says:
Due to an illness in my family I have taken some time away from writing. Unfortunately there will be nothing new published for a while. With any luck, I will be back to writing soon. Look for reissues of books you might have missed. A Quest of Dreams will be reissued in October of 2002.

Also, this year my computer caught a nasty virus. Some of my stored e-mail, which included addresses of readers who had requested bookmarks, was lost. I am sorry the bookmarks could not be sent.

Send her an email... see if it works still, you never know ;)

romancelover said...

Thanks, Sybil..I found that e-mail and sent her something yesterday. No response yet. Thanks for her web site. I hope to comes back...I really have enjoyed her books.

sybil said...

you are most welcome... people don't realize that nothing dies on the internet.

Unless you beat it, chase it down and repeatedly email places to have the caches removed ;). Good god I need a job! Way too much time on my hands.

Kristie (J) said...

I'm really going to have to look for some of her books. I love discovering new and new to me authors. And what a great new blog look!!!!! I'm thinking Mailyn helped there. Gorgeous job!!!

Isabel said...

Love the new blog look. :)