Monday, June 05, 2006

Wanted: Man to Play Boyfriend

Haven't read a book in weeks. I've been too busy at work and I'm left with zero energy at the end of the day. All I want to do right now is go home, sit on the couch and watch television. I'll be back with reviews and romance tidbits hopefully by Wednesday.

In the meantime, know that my folks are getting more and more desperate to "hook" me up with someone. My mother wants me to meet the random Italian guy I mentioned in my earlier posts. She mentioned she'd like me to come over to her friends' house for dinner and meet this guy. My response: NO F-ING WAY! Again I cannot help but notice how very romance novel-like this aspect of my life sounds...again, if I were a romance heroine, I would ask some random stranger or a hot friend of mine (which unfortunately I don't have) to pretend to be my boyfriend (look MOM, I don't need your guy; I've already found the love of my life) and then, of course, we'd end up falling madly in love and having a great life together. Wait...this sorta sounds like that stupid Jennifer Aniston movie, co-starring that guy from LAST COMIC STANDING.


Holly said...

Poor baby! They just aren't letting it go, are they? You can borrow MM if you want...he's super cute and great at parties. LOL

And you know, that DID sound like that dumb Jennifer Aniston movie.

Lori said...

So, um.... dare I mention this really great guy I know in SF? *g* He wants to get married, he's quite studly... umm.... I'm sure he'd be happy to play your boyfriend :)

Kate D. said...

Hey, who cares if your life sounds like a romance novel? As we all know, romance novels have happy endings. That said, I'm sorry you're dealing with mother pains. I feel you--my mom's high on the fact that she's about to be a grandma. Suddenly, my graduate school commencement party is turning into a Celebration of the Fetuses (though that's not what she's calling it, of course). It's very weird.

Wasn't Kevin Bacon in that Jennifer Aniston movie, too?

romancelover said...

Holly - Thanks for the MM offer!
Lori - so me his number NOW! lol...
Kate - Yes, the movie with Kevin Bacon...romance novel ending...can't wait!!!
Seriously though...the insistence that I get married ASAP gave me a complex and now I'm in a funk. I need to snap out of it.

Holly said...

Oh, now that I think about it...I know someone who lives in SF. He's a cutie, but I don't think he's the type you'd want a relationship with. I bet he'd be willing to play boyfriend, though. And as a bonus? He's a rock star. LOL