Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hotter Than a Mother

THE SCHOOL FOR HEIRESSES anthology will be out later this year. The anthology features stories by Liz Carlyle, Sabrina Jeffries, Renee Bernard and Julia London. I've looked everywhere for information on Renee Bernard; her website is down. She also has a book called A LADY'S PLEASURE out in October. Anyone have any info they'd like to share? I need to add more authors to my TO BUY list!

Melody Thomas has officially become part of MY FAVORITE AUTHORS club. I read her Donally series and am now just tickled pink. The last book in the series,
ANGEL IN MY BED, is incredible. Kristie, I know you bought it now! It's excellent!!! More books by her are headed our way; she's writing a new series which should be out in 2007. Woo hoo...happy day!

For Mary Balogh fans, some amazing news that had me jumping up and down. Mary says the following: the question was if I intend writing about Attingsborough, Lady Muir, and Angeline before writing the new series. The answer is no (though perhaps now is the time to hint that Attingsborough's story is already written and should be out late next year). I wanted to coax Dell into speeding up the publication schedule and so suggested a new series to publish in paperback and in quick succession--like the Bedwyn books. So Gwen and Angeline will have to wait yet again. And the new series will be entirely new--no leftover characters from other books. At least that is the intention now. Don't hold me to it!

Only true Balogh fans can comprehend how exciting it is to finally know that Attinsborough will get a novel soon; fans have been begging Balogh for years to write his story and it looks like persistence will finally pay off! Oh, joy!

For Suzanne Brockmann fans, here's a link to the website of the man who inspired the author's Navy Seal books. I have yet to read the books; but I will soon, believe me.

It's hotter than a mother here in SF and I cannot believe I have to be here at work when all I want to do is go out and enjoy the amazing weather


Holly said...

Ugh, you want to talk about hot? Try living in the desert and dealing with 20% humidity when it's 112 out. I'm DYING here! I'm melting, I'm melting...

Antho is on my Wish list and so is the Melody Thomas. You suck, I'm trying NOT to buy books right now. *sigh* LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Do I have to have read her previous books? (Melody Thomas that is) FWIW, I'm not one who has to read a series from the beginning. I'm constantly starting them in the middle books and really enjoy them anyway. Does this one work well as a stand-alone?

ames said...

Thanks for that link for SB's "muse." LOL

Mailyn said...

I don't know any of those people or the books. I am starting to think I def need a course like Romance 101 or something to catch up to you guys. :P

Janet W. said...

Oh Daniela, what an awesome blog! check out this new goddess author, did you know that the divine Mary was publishing her long-awaited books early and even a link to the inspiration for Suz Brockmann. You rock girlfriend!

Of course you do realise that now you actually have to READ Suz Brockmann and trust me, you will love her books ... honestly ... call me, we'll talk :)

romancelover said...

Honestly, I think you should read the books in order only because you'll appreciate the hero, David, a lot more. You won't even be able to believe he's actually a hero, due to something that I cannot're gonna have to read the does stand alone. There are three other books before this one. The first one, IN MY HEART, is incredible. The second one, MUST HAVE BEEN THE MOONLIGHT is also good. The 3rd was ok. This last one was awesome!!!

I have to read the Brockmann books; I'm so into the historicals right now that it pains me to leave them for a contemp. Hmm...I've got to try her soon. I have a feeling I'm missing out on something grand.

Mailyn - you have to try Mary Balogh's books...her stories are intense and her heroines far from stupid. If you ever fall into a slump, grab one of her books.

Kate D. said...

Holly, ditto on the trying NOT to buy books. Y'all are hell on my book budget... :)

You know, I like Mailyn's idea of creating some sort of Romance 101 list. Maybe we could all do some sort of pan-blog list? Every month we could write up our top five choices for a specific genre or author. Something like that.

Dunno. It's just a thought.


Mailyn said...

dude, where ou at?!?!? come back to Blogland! I miss you :(