Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hell to the No

Whisked off to London by her newly revealed half brother, Miss Juliana Applegate is supposed to be looking for an eligible gentleman suitable for marriage. But when she arrives, an illness in her brother's household forces her to stay instead with his friend Lady Sealey—and her handsome grandson, Sir Oliver Ramsey. Sir Oliver has always felt clumsy and awkward around the fairer sex, but despite his gruffness, Juliana senses a gentleness in the man who seems at first more of a fierce Viking than a shy zoologist.

Soon, she has ample opportunity to test her theory about Sir Oliver, as they are thrown together time and again—first by chance, and then to work toward a common goal. Someone is sending Lady Sealey mysterious vengeful letters that threaten an imminent doom. When the attacks begin, Juliana and Oliver are determined to protect her—even at cost to their own hearts and growing passion, as well as their very lives...

A shy zoologist? thinks I'll pass on this July 2006 release. I'm all for the alpha psycho jealous arrogant mean yet warm and cuddling on the inside hero. This guy is too beta for his own good; sounds kinda wimpy!!! Plus, he totally looks like he's THIS CLOSE to falling to his death and taking the heroine with him. No, thanks!


Mailyn said...

well, at least the cover is pretty! :)

loving her dress

Kate D. said...

Yeah, the dress is good. And the heroine doesn't appear to be wearing loads of eye makeup, either. Always a plus, on a Regency cover model.