Sunday, June 11, 2006


It's not often that I read a romance that makes my heart sing and my senses hum. IN MY HEART by Melody Thomas did just that. A year ago I became eager to own any and every series book I could find. I stumbled upon the Donally series and kept the books hidden in my TBR trunk until this weekend. Had I known I would be reading such a amazing love story I would have picked up the book long ago. As many of you know, I've been in a work-related reading slump (i.e. too exhausted to read crap) for the last few weeks.

From the back blurb -
After a whirlwind courtship and elopement, Lady Alexandra Marshall watched helplessly as her husband was shipped off by her irate father. An annulment followed, and though Alexandra waited with packed bags, Christopher never returned for her. She has tried desperately to forget the only love she's ever known and now devotes herself to the British Museum. . .until she discovers that someone has pilfered a fortune in jewels.

His scandalous marriage to Alex had hardened Sir Christopher Donally against the aristocracy that labeled a man's worth by the titles he carried rather than by his deeds. Now with a new bride in his future and a sister who is about to enter society. Christopher is detemined to put the past behind him. But when Alex asks for his help in finding a thief, he agrees, in exchange for her support in launching his sister. Though running into Alex was not planned, nor his emotional reaction welcomed, he can't help but be undone by one single, soul-stirring kiss...

There are few books that capture my attention as much as this one did. Thomas is a remarkable author. The interaction between the lead characters melted my heart at every turn. There were no misunderstandings, no resentment, no hiding of emotions. From the start, the heroine admitted she was still in love with the hero. Shocking, huh? The hero did the same. Now...I've read several romances with premises similar to this one and I don't think I've ever stumbled upon a heroine so willing to throw her emotions out on the table. Alex loves Christopher and she will do anything for a second chance. The way these two fight for their love is astonishing, only because it is something I rarely see in romances. Thomas focuses on the romance between the leads, never letting any secondary character or plot twist take control or attention away from their love story.

I loved this book. The heroine's vulnerability and courage were refreshing; she was not afraid to speak her heart. The hero's own love for the heroine was never masked; there were no denials, no vows on his part to make the heroine's life a living hell (which we see all too often in novels these days).

My heart is still beating so fast. I recommend this book to all. I cannot wait to read the second in this series, which I hear is just as good.


sybil said...

She is a great author. I love her stuff under all three names. *g*

romancelover said...

I know...I love her so three books already, although I didn't like MATCH MADE IN SCANDAL as much as I thought I would, but it was good nonetheless.