Saturday, June 10, 2006


To: Karen Hawkins
From: Moi
Re: Another Chance

There was a time when I was addicted to your books. Each time I heard a new book of yours was out in stores, I'd rush to the nearest bookstore and buy it immediately. I couldn't even wait a day. I was obsessed and addicted and ill and incandescently happy each time I heard you were releasing a new novel. Then AND THE BRIDE WORE PLAID came out, followed by LADY IN RED. I was appalled, bored to tears and distraught because I simply could not read the books. They were terrible and I couldn't believe they were written by you. Were they? I'm hoping you were suffering from writer's block or something...maybe you were under pressure, some deadline. All I know is that it's still hard for me to believe they were your works. They couldn't be!!!

I tried to read AND THE BRIDE, but stopped the torture at Chapter 3 and donated the book to the Salvation Army (sorry, guys!).

I struggled through LADY IN RED and was left with the worst taste in my mouth at the end of it. I decided then and there that I would not purchase any of your books again. Too harsh, perhaps? At the time, I didn't think so.

Today I was at Walmart and noticed your new book HER OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN. The premise showed great promise. The cover was slightly cheesy but I like the red a great deal. Soon, excitement at the prospect of reading a new Hawkins book was back and I immediately grabbed it off the shelf and bought it.

I've decided to give you another shot because you are a very talented author and I cannot forget that once upon a time I loved your books to the point of obsession. Perhaps I am too forgiving a person; perhaps I shouldn't give you another chance after two flops (well, they were flops in my opinion).

Perhaps you were merely so excited to be finishing your Talisman Ring series, you fumbled terribly with the last two books. Honestly, I don't know. I'm just trying to forget the last two books even existed at this point.

Perhaps you are back on track. I certainly hope so!!! Your website is now updated regularly and I must say that I like its look. Your books seem to be getting decent reviews. I may end up kicking myself for reading your new book, but then again maybe I won't.

I pray my hopes will not be disappointed. I'll be sure to let you know!


Mailyn said...

what's this new book about? you said it sounds tell!

romancelover said...

Hmmm...well it's about a 25 yr old who believes she's happy until she meets this stud viscount who makes her ache with desire. Then she can't get enough of him, at least that's what the back blurb says. I'll let you know once I finish it. I'm in the mood for books with lead characters taken by surprise.

Karen Hawkins said...

To: Romancelover
From: Karen Hawkins
re: Books, naps, and margaritas

Helllo, Romance Lover! I certainly hope Christian and Her Officer and Gentleman was more your cup o' tea than Lady In Red or And The Bride Wore Plaid. That's the beauty and misfortune of reading -- every experience is personal and eclectic. What you may love, someone else may not.

Still, I regret you disliked the last two books of the Talisman Ring Series so much. It's quite sad they didn't gel with you. I am not crazy about And The Bride Wore Plaid myself, but I quite love Lady In Red. Such is the writing experience, too -- I have favorites and un-favorites as well!

I always think of books like margaritas. I love margaritas. But even though I love them, I have to admit some are better than others. And some margaritas that I think are awesome, my best friend (and margarita partner) dislikes. I like 'em a bit sweet, she likes 'em a bit sour.

Either way, I hope Her Officer and Gentleman worked for you, but if it did not, thank HEAVENS there are so many wonderful authors out there. I'd suggest you give Sabrina Jeffries or Suzanne Enoch a try if you haven't already. They are both INCREDIBLE authors -- funny and smart and intelligent.

Ok, I have to go an edit. But thank you for giving my books another try. That is quite open minded of you!

All best,
Karen Hawkins

Janet W. said...

What a heartfelt and classy reply from Ms. Hawkins -- now I have to give her new book a try!

Rakehell gave it a great review -- I'll try to give a link :)

romancelover said...

To: Karen Hawkins
From: Me (romancelover)

Your new book's plot is a good one and I look forward to reading it this week! I didn't care for the PLAID book because there were too many side characters in it and I felt my attention dwindling with each page read. Glad to know at least that it wasn't your fave either. Re: Lady in Red...I don't know...I guess I wanted to see the lead characters despise each other more at the beginning of the book. No any case, thanks for responding and I will post as soon as I finish this new book of yours.

I wish I had a margarita partner...

Thanks for posting!!!

- D!