Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Surprise Surprise

Bought Laura Lee Guhrke's SHE'S NO PRINCESS yesterday. Flipped through it and discovered the same #16 Font many Avon books have been sporting lately. Oh...discovered several blank pages...about 20 or so, too! Nice! It's back to Barnes & Noble today to get a better copy. Who's responsible for making sure books are NOT being sold defective? Book stores? Publishers? No clue. I was irritated yesterday. Still am. Not having such a great day. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It's one of those "not feeling good in one's skin" days. Bleh...

In other news, Lisa Kleypas posted a trailer for her August release SCANDAL IN SPRING. Check it out. I can't wait for August!!!


Mailyn said...

I don't really care for SiS as I'm not a fan of the wallflowers, just Ivy's book. mehehe

dude I'm sorry you're feeling crappy, I've been there. eat ice cream! I know it always makes me feel better :)

Holly said...

Have some chocolate, Sweets. (though, personally, I don't care for chocolate. Is that un-womanlike of me, do you think?? LOL)

And what is UP with books lately. I've run across several like that in the last week or two alone! UGH!

Someone needs to pay more attention!

Sarah said...

When I was putting this book out at work, I had to return four copies cause it was cut all wrong. Looked like someone just put it in a chopper. You'd think they'd pay more attention to this stuff.

Fickle Fiona said...

A trailer for a book...well welcome to the world of technology.