Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm No Genius

Apparently, several bookstores in the San Francisco area (or at least the ones I go to) only had defective copies of Laura Lee Guhrke's SHE'S NO PRINCESS.

I posted earlier that I purchased a copy of Guhrke's new book with several pages missing from the text. I was a bit irked, since I wanted to read the book for some time, but dealt with the disappointment and went to the Barnes & Noble I bought it from the next day. I exchanged it for another copy and walked out. I didn't check the book to make sure it had all of its pages. Yes, I am an idiot...or I was on that day. My brain is fried from work...what else can I say?

Where am I going with this? Well, as soon as I got home and opened up the book, eager to read the story, I discovered that it had the same pages missing as the first copy.


I should have checked. I didn't. Went back to the store and realized that all of their books were missing pages. Got my money back. Went to another bookstore the following day. Pages missing again. I was beginning to despair. Today I went to yet another book store and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY...I have the book. It's all there. Intact. Not defective. I am happy. Very happy. Started the book. Good so far. Hopefully, Guhrke won't fuck it up!

Be the first to call me an idiot...I still can't believe I exchanged one defective copy for another. I cannot stress this enough to myself: I NEED A VACATION!!!


Jazz said...

THat happened to me once with a Cathy Maxwell book. I was more than half way through the book when the writting on the pages turned upside down and started from teh beginning of the book! Sooo annoying. But at least I did check before I left with my second copy. lol. I can't wait to read LLG's book though. Hope it's great.

Kate D. said...

That happened to me when I checked out "Prayer for Owen Meany" at the library. The last 5 pages were cut out... and John Irving's all about tying things up in the last 5 pages.