Monday, December 26, 2005

Jealous Heroes

I'm on a mission. I must find a book with a jealous hero...someone who initially rejects his woman but then wants her back and flips out when he sees her being romanced by another, whom she is seriously considering marrying (obviously not because she loves this other dude, but because she has to marry someone). I often run across many books in which the heroine approaches the hero's mistress or ex-mistress or whatever, but I don't think I've ever read a book in which the hero goes all RAMBO on his love's would be (in his mind) lover. I need help!

I'm currently reading Gayle Callen's HIS BRIDE, which is a lot better so far than her recent THE LORD NEXT DOOR (do yourself a favor and don't read it, please!). So far I'm reading a very BEEN THERE DONE THAT plot line, but I won't give up on it because it seems to have potential AND, despite all my whining about online reviews sometimes giving me the shaft with their ARE THEY KIDDING ME? reviews, All About Romance gave it a good score. Supposedly the story is very character driven and the author focuses on the relationship between the lead characters. Yes, imagine that! No mysteries, spies and irksome subplots! What a concept!

The book is AVON, so anything's possible.

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