Monday, December 26, 2005

2006 in Books

2 Little Lies - Liz Carlyle
Don't Look Down - Suzanne Enoch
The Lion's Daughter - Loretta Chase

Pride and Petticoats - Shana Galen
Lady of Sin - Madeline Hunter
Never Seduce a Scoundrel - Sabrina Jeffries
In the Thrill of the Night - Candice Hern

Three Little Secrets - Liz Carlyle
Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase
Her Master and Commander - Karen Hawkins
Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas
Portrait of a Lover - Julianne MacLean

Promise Me Forever - Lorraine Heath
His Wicked Kiss - Gaelen Foley
The Taming of the Duke - Eloisa James
Angel in My Bed - Melody Thomas
The Bachelor Trap - Elizabeth Thorton

Duke of Scandal - Adele Ashworth
What to Wear to a Seduction - Sari Robins (maybe...I find the premise intriguing)

She's No Princess - Laura Lee Guhrke
Her Officer and Gentleman - Karen Hawkins
Patience - Lisa Valdez

The Duke in Disguise - Gayle Callen (only UBS or library)
On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn (I hate the title!!!)
Be Mine Tonight - Kathryn Smith

Simply Love - Mary Balogh
Never a Lady - Jacquie D'Alessandro
Lady Rogue - Suzanne Enoch
Only a Duke Will Do - Sabrina Jeffries
From London with Love - Jenna Petersen
Just One of Those Flings - Candice Hern
Patience - Lisa Valdez (author of Passion)
His Mistress by Morning - Elizabeth Boyle


The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell - Samantha James

Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas


Primrose - Lisa Valdez

Books I still need to get from 2005 - Jenna Petersen's SCANDALOUS and Enoch's AN INVITATION TO SIN (which, to be honest, I almost don't want to get because I hated SIN AND SENSIBILITY so much).


Kristie (J) said...

I've noticed before we have very similar thoughts on Avon. We handle it different though *grin*. I see by your list, you still read a lot of them but except for Lisa Kleypas I've pretty much washed my hands of them.

Avid Reader said...

I'm getting The Lion's Daughter. I think that's the one that sounded really good. Thanks for this list.


romancelover said...

Yeah, I still read AVON least the ones I honestly believe have potential to escape AVON's evil clutches! I gave up on Stephanie Laurens a long time ago though...I just can't handle her 57 Cynster books! I very close to giving up on Suzanne Enoch, too...I hated Sin and Sensibility and don't quite like the sound of Invitation to Sin. I'll for Karen Hawkins...I've hated her last two books; they were brutal! I don't know...only time will tell.