Sunday, December 11, 2005

I Can't Wait Til These Books Are Out!!!

I didn't care much for the last MacLean book, LOVE ACCORDING TO LILY. The love story was overshadowed by a good case of the hero's hypocondria and the heroine's serious need of a slap in the face. However, I was intrigued by Annabelle and Magnus, so I'm eager to read their story. I only hope MacLean doesn't fuck it up like she did the last.

Yes, me like very much! I've enjoyed most of Loretta Chase's books. The only one that disappointed me was MISS WONDERFUL and I'll just blame that one on brain fever having affected Chase's writing abilities at the time. MR. IMPOSSIBLE, Book 2 of her new Carsington brothers' series, was a masterpiece. Funny beyond belief! The characters exuded sex appeal and animal magnetism all around. Now, the 3rd book in the series awaits us in March. I can't wait!!!

A book I have been looking everywhere for and it's now being republished. Miracles do happen! I've very eager to read this prequel to LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. Very eager, as a matter of fact. Glad my Chase collection will be complete. Coming out in January, it is a well deserved, albeit late, Christmas gift.

Galen's second Avon book is one I've been looking forward to reading since I finished the first in her series WHEN DASHING MET DANGER. PRIDE's hero is introduced in that book as a dandy of the first order, a complete fop, but appearances can be deceiving. Find out why...I cannot wait for it.

Ok...I still haven't read the first book in Carlyle's new series. I hear it's really bad...really bad, but one never knows...a few reviewers hated DEVIL TO PAY and I loved it, so anything's possible. Of course, being the Carlyle fanatic I am, this book is just an auto-buy for me. I just hope the title isn't merely a hint at the quality of the novel.

I've read an excerpt for this book and it sounds good...not great...just...well...good! Gulp! However, since it is the first book to the eagerly anticipated ONLY A DUKE WILL DO featuring Simon and Louisa from Jeffries PRINCE series (really you just have to read this one...very good!), I have to buy it.

I think the two hot bodies on the cover say it looks hot! I'm getting palpitations just looking at the hero's, oh, my...the book covers the love story of Tom and Lauren, who have been mentioned in nearly every Heath book, but have always been relegated to Wallflower status, despite the heavy potential for romance glory. Finally (THANK GOD), Heath has penned a book for these two lovers. Heath is generally an excellent writer. However, her last book, A MATTER OF TEMPTATION, left a lot to be desired. To put it bluntly, IT SUCKED!!! I have a feeling this one won't. Just a hunch! Fans have waited too long for Tom and Lauren's story. Lorraine Heath will not want to disappoint and Avon? Well, let's just say they wouldn't want to incite their fans to violence by approving for publication a piece of shit, especially since they're still fuming over the postponement of Kleypas' DEVIL IN WINTER, due in March!

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