Sunday, December 25, 2005


Ok...I know it's Christmas and I should probably put aside my distaste for AVON, BUT I can't. I have to point out my theory as to why D'Alessandro's RED ROSES MEAN LOVE was an A+ and her later novel WHO WILL TAKE THIS MAN? was a total stinker, an F-, if that's at all possible. I can sum it up with one word: AVON. RED ROSES was published by Dell and WHO WILL TAKE THIS MAN? is D'Alessandro's first book with AVON. Coincidence? I think not. AVON promotes the existence of mentally challenged heroines in romance novels! Those who don't adhere to their standards, the "rebel authors" (e.g. Lisa Kleypas), end up getting punished by having their books postponed (yes, I'm still irked about DEVIL IN WINTER! SO?), among other things! I anticipate the days of an author whistleblowing their asses!!! Ok, perhaps I'm going overboard here. I'm just trying to understand why authors tend to deteriorate once they hit AVON (again with the exception of Kleypas and Julia Quinn to a certain extent).

Kathryn Caskie has just signed on with AVON. Let's just hope she remains strong and doesn't fall victim to the AVON Talent Vacuum!

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