Thursday, October 19, 2006

Upcoming Books and More

Coming December 26, 2006

Shy, intelligent widow Anastasia Whittig is really a Lady Spy in name only. Though she invents important items and decodes evidence, she’s hardly ventured into the field and keeps herself wrapped in a shroud of mourning for her late husband. She’s perfectly content to continue her sheltered life, but when one of her best friend’s is shot, she’s forced into service at the side of Lucas Tyler.

Lucas is a daring, talented spy, driven to solve the case of attacks on his fellow agents. He doesn’t want any help, and certainly not from Ana. But as the two edge ever closer to the disturbing truth, they cannot keep from developing a grudging respect for each other. And they cannot ignore the undeniable desire that threatens to change both their worlds.

I'm enjoying Petersen's books a great deal; she's an excellent author. I'm getting this book...hopefully I'll get a gift card for Christmas. I'm broke!

The first of a new, four-book series set in Victorian England.
Coming March 2007

The story of two people who are definitely not destined to be soul mates. Harry and Emma have nothing in common. They feel no spark. They don't even like each other. They certainly don't want to complicate their lives by anything as inconvenient as falling in love. Even Cupid has given up on them. And then, one shattering, lightning-bolt, make-your-toes-curl kiss changes everything they thought they knew about love and about each other.

Her last book was ok. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. I have a feeling I'll end up getting this book. I'm a sucker for love/hate relationships. Hopefully, the characters won't jump in the sack within the first two chapters.

Judith Ivory is still missing in action; her website has been updated her fans (yeah, I was halfway up in the air when I realized Ivory had nothing to do with it). Check it out.


Mailyn said...

Yay!!! You have a computer and internet! Girl it's about damn time! LOL. Oh and Gurke or however you spell it sucks for me. I tried a book of hers and meh, I couldn't care.

Squeee!!!! You have a computer!!!!! :-)

Jenna Petersen said...

Pssst, RomanceLover, I'm giving away a couple of ARCs of DESIRE NEVER DIES in November at my site. :) And thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying my books so far. I hope you like DND as much! Only a couple months to go...