Friday, October 20, 2006

Queen of the Electric Slide

I'm leaving for LA tomorrow morning at 6:08. I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. One of my college friends' is getting married and, as happy as I am for her, I'm just not looking forward to getting all dolled up and ready for a wedding. Is that bad? Should I repent? Should I grin and bear it, suck it up, get over it? I will. I have no choice, but I hate weddings. I hate hate hate them with a passion. I don't know if it's the fact that I've never had one of my own or what. Personally, I've never liked them...not even when I was younger, innocent and full of hopes and dreams for a hunky Johnny Depp to come storming into my life.

Oh...did I mention that at the wedding I'm sitting next to some woman whom I've known on and off for more than 10 years and who has never actually uttered a word to me. I thought she was mute for the longest time. She's not...she just doesn't speak very me.

Oh...and contrary to what everyone has been saying (those at work trying to comfort me), I will not meet the man of my dreams there. At this point, I just want to have a couple of drinks and dance the really bad dance I'm so good at (I think I'm a terrible dancer...except the electric slide. I'm really good at the cheesy dances. I rock the electric slide!).

The fact that I will not be getting any sleep tonight probably has something to do with my lack of enthusiasm. The shuttle's picking me up at 3:45AM; my flight's at 6. I get there at 7:30. Wedding's at 5, ends at 10. I leave early Sunday morning. My co-workers have been warned. Monday will not be pretty!


Kristie (J) said...

LOL - you are not alone! I hate them too! Mine was very very small and that was just fine with me. I dread the day when either of the boys decide they want to get married. One can only hope that they decide to elope!! So - endure it and know it will be over soon!

Dance Chica said...

"I rock the electric slide!"

Girl, you crack me up! LOL

Well, I hate these kinds of events too so no guilt or repenting advice will be coming from me. IF, I ever got married, I wouldn't want all this crap. Just something quick and low key...Anyway! LOL. Just try to get through it and it'll be done and you'll be back home before ya know it. ;-)

Devonna said...

Try to have a little fun anyway :-) Maybe they'll play the electric slide more than once?