Wednesday, October 11, 2006


On the trail of fortune... Adventurous Josephine Hale is determined to live up to her scandalous heritage. With half of a crumbling treasure map that belonged to her grandfather, the legendary pirate, in her possession, the bold and beautiful lady is half-way to a fortune. Unfortunately, the remainder of the map belongs to Stephen Doubleday, Earl of Westman, her family's sworn enemy—and Josie will do anything to get her hands on it...even if it means seducing the handsome rogue.

And a passion beyond dreams...Utterly destitute, Stephen never dreamed a fairy tale about pirate's treasure would turn out to be true—bringing him a possible fortune and a passionate lover. But will joining in this wild, impetuous beauty's perilous undertaking be the biggest mistake of his life? Or will it lead Stephen and Josie to a treasure far more precious than pirate gold—a fiery and forever love?

I'm sorry but she lost me. Shana Galen totally lost me. What the hell? I needed to read the premise about 4 times in order to figure out what the heck was going on. It's too messy, contrived and I don't know...boring? Or maybe I'm just bored with the redundant VIRGIN TURNED SLUT for thought.

I really enjoyed Galen's earlier novel WHEN DASHING MET DANGER...loved it, as a matter of fact, but PRIDE AND PETTICOATS left me wanting and her last novel was a big dud, according to AAR (it got an F review). Hey, for all I know, GOOD GROOM HUNTING could be better than LORD OF SCOUNDRELS, but at this point I'll wait for the reviews of fellow bloggers and independent review sites. Deep down I hope it's good...only because I really enjoyed DASHING and I've been a tad too sentimental lately.

Book is out January 30, 2007.

BTW - might as well, since I've been bitchy enough here...I hate the cover!!! Cheesy!


Holly said...

If you buy it I'll read and review it for you. LOL

Debra Mullins was like this for me. I read Three Nights and FELL IN LOVE with it. It was amazing. The story, the characters, everything. But then every other book I read by her SUCKED ASS! Maybe some authors are destined to write ONE good novel and that's it?

Kristie (J) said...

Oh Good Grief - Avon just screams MOCK ME!! COME ON PEOPLE MOCK ME! somtimes. Either that or the people who come up with titles and covers have such little value for their readers, they secretly get a kick out of women who buy this crap. What an idiotic title. Who comes up with this garbage????? Good Groom Hunting - pardon me while I vomit. And that cover - Oh good lord that cover. Wretched, insulting, inane and degrading.
Man I loathe this publisher.

Devonna said...

I think I'll take your word for it on this one ~ I have too many books in my TBR pile anyway.

Mailyn said...

LMAO!!! Thank god you are back woman and OMG you got a computer!!!!! We need to celebrate. Mehehe.

ARAM, oh yes, awesome book that needs to be re-released. Anne Stuart needs to get back to her roots and dp some more stories like this and To Love a Dark Lord. The woman has so much style and her heroes rock!