Sunday, October 08, 2006


Mailyn once posted a review on Anne Stuart's A ROSE AT MIDNIGHT. I immediately had to order the book on amazon! The hero is dark, sexy and brooding. He's not one of those "I'M A MEAN OLE RAKE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A HEART OF GOLD AND WOULD NEVER THINK OF KILLING, KIDNAPPING OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT MIGHT REALLY MAKE ME A BAD GUY" kind of dark hero. He's truly is, as Samuel L. Jackson would describe him, one badass mother fucker! I fell in love instantly!

The plot finds Ghislaine "Gilly" de Lorgny working as a chef in a noblewoman's home; she is obsessed with revenge and lives to kill Nicholas Blackthorne whom she blames for the death of her family and the loss of her innocence. Through a series of circumstances (he's the cousin of the woman Gilly works for), they meet and the book is one fantastic journey from there. The characters are not perfect and the issues they deal with are truly traumatic and mind-blowing. There's a lot of hate, regret, remorse and pain that the two need to come to terms with before finding their happily ever after and admit their love for each other.

I loved this book and adored the richly depicted characters. Anne Stuart has a knack for creating characters you want to both murder and hug at the same time. I can't get enough of her historicals and consider myself fortunate to have read this one!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite lines from the book. The hero has just finished kissing the heroine:

He released her slowly, breaking the kiss first, trailing his mouth across her cheek until he knew she could stand without falling. Until he knew he could stand without falling. And then he stepped back.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I love it! Can you feel the emotion? Can you feel him falling in love with her? My stomach still has butterflies from this romance. Read it! Do whatever you can! It's well worth whatever they charge for it. Unfortunately, it's no longer in print. I got mine on amazon! Trust me and trust Mailyn's review (which I agree with 100%), you will not be disappointed!!!

What a wonderful story!!!


Kate D. said...

Okay, I haven't read this and I can't comment... but I did want you to know that we just broke down another Grey's eppy over at Anatomy Lab. Come, join the fun! The eternal Derek/Finn debate rages on:

Holly said...

I read this myself not too long ago at Mailyn's insistance. It was SOOO GOOD! Gosh, I was loving it! It was so dark and disturbing and lovely all at the same time. *sigh*

Stacy~ said...

I just bought her Black Ice, so I'm slowly discovering the magic that is Anne Stuart. This one definitely sounds like a must-read. It will be mine LOL.

Devonna said...

I'm waiting for Still Lake by her ~ I guess I need to try this one. Your and Mailyn's reviews have me excited to read it.

romancelover said...

Gosh...this book is so good. I'm still giddy!