Sunday, October 08, 2006

Solo Importas Tu

This is the theme song for my favorite telenovela, LA DAMA DE ROSA, which I watched religiously when I lived in Italy. The singer wrote the song for his wife, who is seated on the stage, happy and in love. Gosh, I'm so jealous!!! Lucky woman!


Holly said...

This was beautiful! I don't really understand a lot of spanish, but I got the basic idea. :)

MarchRose said...

I'm Italian and live in Italy, but I didn't know of this "La dama de la rosa", never heard before ... and I cannot see the video on this PC, don't know why... but it looks Spanish to me, as a title. In italian it would be " La dama della rosa".

Am I right to think it was a Spanish TV channel?

romancelover said...

La Donna in Rosa was on tv in the late 80s...not anymore...starring Jeannette Rodriguez and Carlos Mata. They were my favorite couple. It was on some channels as LA DAMA DE ROSA and with this song playing as theme song. OF course, once it was picked up by RETE 4, I think...they changed the name and threw in another song. It was on ITalian TV...never been to SPain and I don't know Spanish (although I want to learn). Rete 4 then started showing a bunch of Grecia Colmenares telenovelas, like TOPAZIO and something others. I never liked Rodriguez and Mata though..

MarchRose said...

Rete 4 is still well alive, but there are not so many telenovelas of southamerican production now.

But I remember very well in the 90s how many times I sighed at the sight of Eduardo Palomo as Juan del Diablo in "Cuore selvaggio" ( Corazon Salvaje )... do you remember of him ? If you don't, have a look here :

sigh !

romancelover said...

I remember CUORE SELVAGGIO being on TV but I never watched it. It sounds familiar...the telenovelas that I watched were old school (I was in Italy from '86-91)...starring Carlos Olivier and Mayra Alejandra (MARTA, LEONELA) and Jeanette Rodriguez and Carlos Mata (CRISTAL, LA DONNA IN ROSA)...I also remember MARILENA with Catherine Fulop, but that one wasn't too was too much like that really old one with Veronica Castro.

marchrose said...

Veronica Castro was the heroine of the very, very famous ANCHE I RICCHI PIANGONO ( = Even the rich ones cry ), one of the very first telenovelas together with DANCIN' DAYS, the one with Sonia Braga.

I remember my mom didn't lose one single episode of AIRP, and of couse she used to cry a lot... together with all the richi people of the telenovela ^_*