Friday, August 25, 2006


Warning: The following excerpt contains a bit of what was going through my head when I was reading it...enjoy!

NO WOMAN CAN RESIST HIM...EXCEPT ONE (oh, please....gag me)

Lord Martin Langdon (What? No clever nickname?) takes pride in his scandalous reputation as a scoundrel (never heard that one before), and he considers the art of seduction a most rewarding pastime (like all other zillion rakes I've read about). So when this dashing rakehell learns of a particularly beautiful woman who is "impossible to flirt with," (Oh, God...please, not another bluestocking TSTL heroine) he is determined to prove that not even the prim and proper Evelyn Wheaton can resist his charms (I smell a bet...gag me some more). Evelyn knows all about the reckless rogue's shocking reputation (duh!) and she wants nothing to do with him (yeah, right...until she has marathon sex with him her very first time....all pleasure and no pain AT ALL, of course...because he's suuuuuuuch a good lover). She may be looking for a husband, but Martin is certainly not a candidate (just good enough for some free nooky). The smoldering looks he sends her way, however, are a different matter entirely. She suspects there is great passion to be had if she'd throw caution to the wind and surrender to this scoundrel... but dare she risk her heart? (AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

Is it my imagination or have I seen this cover before? As a matter of fact...I feel like I've also read the book. What the hell is up with romances these days? Are authors really that hard up for ideas? I've enjoyed plenty of MacLean books over the last few years; her books aren't masterpieces (but then again, what is these days?), but they show great potential and I'm a sucker for authors (and anything else) with potential, but this...gosh, give me a fuckin' break. I've read this story. I know I have. I can't remember when or where I read it, but I read it. The synopsis sounds so much like every other book I've have the pleasure (or displeasure) of reading over the last year or two, that I'm about ready to yak my brains out.

Does this mean I will skip the book? Believe it or not (after this long rant) I can't. It's the last book of a series!!! How the hell can I skip it? I'm tempted, but I won't...I just...can't. I need strength...strength to break away from tired books and cut and paste covers. Is there something I can take for this? Hypnosis? A joint that makes you forget you were even reading a series? Anything? Hello? Help? Anyone there?

Dear Authors - I've read stories about morons who argue with themselves over whether to have sex with rakes and then proceed to "fuck" said rakes' brains out night after night after night.

I've read them and have enjoyed them immensely. However, how many more rake/innocent fair maiden combo stories must I read before I become fully lobotomized? Honestly, I'm starting to believe I'm halfway there thanks to the crap I've been reading lately. No offense to Julianne MacLean.

I almost feel bad for even writing this, but I was honestly taken aback by MacLean's book description. I was hoping for originality. Based on what was given me, I cannot say there's much. I may be wrong. I will read the book and report on it and I will apologize profusely to Ms. MacLean if I'm in error, but right now...heck, I'm just a little ticked!

SURRENDER TO A SCOUNDREL is out January 2007. Let's hope MacLean delivers!!!

P.S. I have a thing for red covers...I actually think this one's pretty.


Kristie (J) said...

See! This is why you need a break from the historical :) You need to try a western or a SF romance or just another genre in general. When you read so many English set historicals *sigh* you become jaded after a while and everything becomes so much same old, same old,
You need to reenergize with a good western or two :)

romancelover said...

I did take a break...I read 2 ONLY books by Elizabeth Lowell and LOVED them!!! I have to read the rest though...I also read Morsi's COURTING MISS HATTIE which I still have to review. I still go back to the regencies though...I'm an anglophile...a big time one and I have a thing for the regency and victorian period. Oh,'s a lost cause. I think I might have to FINALLY read Heath's TEXAS books. I have all 3 now and they're just sitting in my TBR pile.

web said...

Snort! But give it a chance - sometimes the synopses are not even close to what the book is actually like.

romancelover said...

Web, True...I'm reading a book that's nothing that the synopsis...and that's not a good thing. I will buy the book. I just hope the heroine's not a bluestocking and hope there's no bet involved...

nath said...

it is becoming so so so difficult to have original storylines... sometimes I wonder if authors cover them all... sigh.

web - true, most of the times, synopsis are wrong... but then, using generic synopsis, just changing the names of the H/H... how depressing is that?