Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'm not exactly sure what Sylvia Day is telling me to ask for, but after reading her new book I can only assume the answer to be MY MONEY BACK. Gosh, what an experience reading this book was. The cover's backblurb and author's site offered what I thought would be exactly the story I've been itching to read for a while: heroine dumps hero only days before they are to wed; hero is beyond upset and vows to make her pay one day. They finally meet again and sparks fly. However, hero is having none of it...he wants her to want him and will try everything to make sure she falls for him (I know you're all shaking your heads right now).

I know the story sounds like thousands of others you've read before. If this is the case, please send me a note with a list of said books because I can never seem to find any in bookstores and personally the story of the jilted hero who never quite stops loving the heroine is one of my favorites. I thought I would be getting one of the best love stories around. I was sadly mistaken...and pissed beyond belief because I used a Borders gift card to get the book. $14.00...I spent $14 on it!!! Argh!

What's bad about the story? Where do I start? How about everything. All About Romance's review hit it on the dot: the lead characters are two of the most immature brats ever written (ok...maybe not ever written, but they're get the idea). Sex seems to be all they engage in when they're not mucking everything up with idiotic and silly banter.

The hero is obsessed with the heroine. Normally, I wouldn't mind that sort of thing in a romance; however, it really got on my nerves here. The obsession and stalking he engaged in were too much...dude needed to get a life PRONTO! I felt sorry for him! The heroine didn't seem worth his effort. What was so special about her? Nothing really. I never really got a chance to truly know the characters. I didn't really want to. They bored me to tears and I still cannot figure out why I even bothered finishing the book.

Here's the story in a nutshell: hero and heroine are in love, ready to get married. Heroine has some daddy issues (which Day never really clears up...or maybe she did...honestly, I skimmed a lot of the book, so many an explanation was offered...whatever...who cares!). She sees hero half naked with some lady. Of course, she thinks he's cheating on her, so she immediately runs off with a colleague of her brothers and marries him. Hero is heartbroken and runs far far away. Now the story sounds pretty good, right. I should have known it would only frustrate me because of the fact that the heroine didn't even bother to ask for an explanation from the hero. She just left and married some other man. What the fa? Of course, the guy dies 4 years later and she's a widow. She's like totally available now. Enter hero....boy, he's been waiting for this moment for like EVER and he's ready for revenge...cut to thirty sex scenes later, some lame mystery, a couple of people getting killed, stabbings, ransacked bedrooms, kids born, sex, misunderstandings, sex, marriage, sex, misunderstandings, sex, TSTL heroine antics, misunderstandings, sex, jealousy, misunderstanding, sex, mystery solved, the end.

I don't recommend this book to anyone. I didn't enjoy it. The mere fact that I skimmed a lot of it towards the end and that it took me more than a week should be enough to convince you that this book is one to skip.

If you are like me and you bought it for $14, then read might like it. We all have different tastes, after all. I was disappointed. I feel cheated....kinda like the time I thought I was going to eat lasagna for dinner and then had to settle for spaghetti. Not a good feeling at all.


Dance Chica said...

LOL. Oh I love this review! Too funny. Sorry it turned out to be a bad read though. Actually, I've heard pretty much the same thing from others who read this book esp. about the sex. Will stay away from this one.

Jane said...

I thought this one was terrible too. I think the point that I threw it at the wall was when they finally talked about the incident that drove them apart and the heroine calmly acknowledged that she thought that it really was an innocent problem but she still was so convinced of his infidelity. ARGH! Calling her TSTL is giving other TSTL heroines a bad name.

Mailyn said...

Agree 100%. I was so looking forward to this book and I didn't like it. I hope the next one she does that will include characters from BBA will be better.

Valeen said...

Well crap, and I was just going to pick this book up. It looks so gooood.

Thanks for the review!

Holly said...

I wasn't going to read this one anyway, because unlike ERRRRbody else, I didn't really like Bad Boys Ahoy, but I'll be sure to stay far, far away from it now. And I was totally cracking up at your lasgna/spaghetti reference. Amen, sister!

Grace said...

Great review! I could feel your frustration at this book coming off the computer screen. LOL. I'll be sure to stay away from this one. I'm convinced I won't like it just from the way you described the hero/heroine.

Anonymous said...

I hate it! I wish I kept my receipt too!!!


and by gahLee it has WAY too much sex.
It almost made me sick.

romancelover said...


I sold my copy to a used book store...I wish I didn't now...wish I would have tried to return it to BORDERS! That's what makes me angry the most...the fact that the book was so expensive. $14? Who the fuck are they kidding? Ok...I need to get over it!

- D!