Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dell is the New Avon

Time and money have become very precious to me in recent years. I don't have much of either and try to use both wisely. Anything or anyone who gets in my way pays the consequences.

Mary Balogh is a romance author I don't usually discuss, mostly because I've read most of her recent books and have not yet found the energy and emotional stamina (her books are always incredibly intense and far from light) necessary for an evening with one of the characters of her mostly out of print regencies (which also cost me more than a pretty penny on ebay). However, I always look forward to new novels by her; her stories are brilliant! I always have to buy them as soon as they hit shelves. I'm that bad!

SIMPLY LOVE, Book 2 in her SIMPLY series came out a couple of weeks ago, yet I still don't own it, despite my obsession. Unfortunately for us FANS, Dell Publishing decided to release the novel as a hardcover! Thanks a lot stupid mother jumpers! Looks like I won't be reading the book 'til it comes out in paperback or I find it in a library. I just don't have it in me to spend over $22 on a romance novel...sorry! Perhaps, I'm nuts! Perhaps I'm selling the genre short by not wanting to fork over cash for books, but I can't help it.

Romance novel prices are slowly increasing and I'm beginning to realize that my addiction is quickly depleting my hard-earned funds! It's frustrating in particular when I spend money I should really be saving or buying eggs with on a book not even fit for bathroom reading (among other bathroom exercises it's not fit for). Buying excellent books is never a problem for me. Money used for an activity that only brings me delight (book reading) is money well spent!

What is the point of this post? Honestly, I don't know anymore. I wanted to post something quick about Mary Balogh and her new book and then I realized I didn't have her book because it would cost me approximately a dozen eggs, 6 cans of tuna, a bag of pita chips, laundry detergent, soy milk, cereal, gum and water. I started getting pissed at the publishing company and then started thinking about all the money I've spent on books that have sucked ass! Money I spend hours of pure boredom and suicidal thoughts making. I don't LOVE my job (hence the drama expressed in the last sentence), so money that I spend has to be spent on something that will make me happy! SHIT BOOKS DON'T MAKE ME HAPPY! So...message for authors, if your book sucks, expect a bad review! If your book makes my heart sing, expect the like.

I'm angry at Dell and its decision to release SIMPLY LOVE as a hardcover, making it difficult for many fans to buy the book 'til next year. Nice way to treat fans! Are romance novels like college today to Dell Publishing? ONLY AFFORDABLE BY THE RICH?

How do you feel about Dell's decision to publish Mary Balogh's recent Series books as hardcovers? Oh, yes...did I forget to mention this? The series is a 4 book series and they will all be published as hardcovers. Imagine Avon doing the same with the Bridgerton books? Or even with Lauren's 100 Cynster novels?


Valeen said...

Its not just Avon I'm angry with over this. Sherrilyn Kenyon now releases in hardcover, Karen Marie Moning as well ... both of who m started out in paperbacks. Lisa Klepyas new contemp novel is coming out in hardback first. And there's another one I can't think of right now.

Evanovich and Roberts .. it drives me insane that I have to wait a year for their books as well.

Kate D. said...

This is hard for me. I want authors to make money, especially since I hope to be an author myself someday... but I also think it may be counterintuitive. I never buy hardcover romances. That means that I usually get it at the library, in which case if it's bad I don't bother buying it at all. And then I just wait around for it to show up at my local UBS, because I can stand to wait for most authors and really, even the paperbacks are getting pricey!

romancelover said...

I bought the first book in that series SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE and it was simply...FORGETTABLE! I didn't like it and it cost more than $22, I think...I remember being really pissed off!

Barbara B. said...

I've only bought one romance in paperback and while I loved the book I still sort of regret buying it. I love to read but I'm not a traditional book lover. I enjoy the contents, not the packaging. I'm fine with a paperback and would buy an ebook version of everything if possible.

Barbara B. said...

Sorry, I meant to say I've only bought one romance in hard cover.