Saturday, August 26, 2006

20 Things that Irritate Me (Only 20?)

I was tagged by Holly.

1. The phrase AND THEN THERE WERE (fill in with a number). It pisses me off to no end. AND THEN THERE WERE 4, AND THEN THERE WERE 3, AND THEN I threw something at my tv set. Yeah, cause you usually hear this line on tv, typically on a lame reality show (I love lame reality shows), like American Idol, or Project Runaway (my new addiction) or one of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges (why can I not break away from MTV shows?).

2. Tardiness. It's inexcusable and disrespectful. I cannot stand people who are late...once is ok...I'll make an exception, but all the time. Every day? Set your frickin' alarm an hour early! I used to have a friend who'd be late for everything. I'd pick her up to go out to party and she'd still have to take a shower. Not only that, but you'd think a person who's late would just comb her hair real quick or something...NOOOOOOOOOO...she had to straighten her extremely curly hair! Nice! I love being 2 hours late to parties, church or whatever.

3. People who ask HOW ARE YOU? and then walk away before you even answer. Now, ok...I know HOW ARE YOU has become akin to HELLO in today's world, but it's a question, not a greeting and I will answer it DAMMIT! People through the years have learned not to ask me that because, believe you me, I will tell them exactly how I'm detail.

4. Friends who become MIA as soon as they get a boyfriend. I've had several friends through the years who have literally dropped off the face of the earth, as soon as they met the man they thought was THE ONE. Months would go by without even a hint of their existence. I was very close to filing a missing person's ad on several occasions. Next thing I know, they call me. I start to wonder why, then I find out. The boyfriend is either a) now an ex and they need someone to help them deal with the loss or b) the boyfriend is out with his buddies and "friend" needs someone to hang out with. I've dropped friends through the years because of this. I've never been like be honest, I've always tried to have a pretty good balance between spending time with friends and boyfriends. My friend Debbie is currently one of those friends. I'll call her and she won't call me for weeks. When I finally get in touch with her (miracle), she is deaf to my whines about life, but then suddenly finds her hearing when the subject comes to her boyfriend and her relationship! I'm old enough not to have to deal with this shit anymore.

5. People who start a story with serious JUICE potential and then end it with I JUST CAN'T TELL YOU THE REST...YOU WOULD GET TOO UPSET or even I KNOW SOMETHING SO JUICY, YOU'LL JUST DIE, BUT I CAN'T TELL YOU. What the fuck, bitch!?!? Why would you even start talking about it, if you have no intention whatsoever of telling me anything? If it's a secret, you should have kept your trap shut from the start 'cause you've already violated that person's confidence by opening your mouth, so you might as well just finish it! Argh!

6. I don't appreciate being talked down to. I'm not an idiot! Condescending people need to stay away from me!

7. Sexist pigs!

8. TSTL heroines and books that insult my intelligence such as those in which high pleasure is achieved during the heroine's first time. There's no pain AT ALL. Immediate satisfaction for all and the act itself (without foreplay) is about an hour long. Sure...I believe it! Riiiiight!

9. Those who believe there should be NO separation between church and state. There should be! End point!

10. Close-minded individuals.

11. Disguised bigotry (many instances of that in recent months here in our own country...sad!).

12. People who hate Hillary Clinton for no reason. Just frickin' admit it's cause you don't want a strong woman in the White House and are terrified she'll be there in 2008!

13. People who believe global warming is a liberal lie. What else could it be?

14. Jessica Simpson and any other celebrity who should be using their money to help people, rather than party and shop all day and night (I especially dislike Jessica Simpson).

15. 3% raises at work...we all got one in March. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Thanks for the extra bus fare money, jerks!

16. Fox's cancellation of REUNION. I'll never know how the mystery ends. FUCKERS!


18. The fact that Lindsay Lohan's mom has done zilch to help her daughter get her act together. Why would she? She's too busy partying it up and living the high life! Gucci, anyone?

19. People who don't vote and then complain when the shit hits the fan! You had your chance scumbag!

20. The cop out apology I'M SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY which isn't even an apology, but more like a FUCK YOU.

I have many more...but the post would be too long.


Devonna said...

16., 16., & 16! I loved that show. Although, they did post on the I think it was Fox's forum how the show was supposed to end. Whether it was the true ending, or someone just saying that they knew someone who knew someone who knew someone.....

I still think it had the potential to be a great show.

Holly said...

LMAO! You crack me up! Great list, sweets!

Are you PMSy lately? Just curious, cuz you're bitching almost as much as me...I love it. :)

bridget locke said...

I am totally with you about both the people who are constantly late & the friends who ditch you for their boyfriends. My best friend does that too me...not anymore tho. I confronted her & told her I was tired of being put on the backburner. That made her stop & think cuz she was really PISSING me off!

romancelover said...

Yes, Holly...I was indeed PMSing when I wrote these various posts..I'm better now..happier posts to come...