Saturday, August 05, 2006


I almost passed out after reading Sybil's post about Loretta Chase moving to Avon. How could this be? What would happen to one of my favorite authors? I had to know...I e-mailed Loretta Chase (her address is available on her site) and YES, IT IS TRUE. She's now an Avon author...should we now be looking forward to covers that make no sense, half naked men outside in the middle of winter? Will her writing change? This is my biggest concern. Will Avon encourage Chase to write books about ruined virgins forced to become teachers? Or maybe bluestockings who run around in the middle of the night in the docks and then wonder why they were almost gang-banged? for thought.

Chase does mention that her new Carsington book will be out more than likely in May 2007, which is good news. She thought that, with the move, it would be released later. I'm looking forward to her new book. Unfortunately, many fans will blame AVON if it stinks.

Chase wrote LORD OF SCOUNDRELS with Avon, so there's hope...although the AVON of LOS was not the AVON of today. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.


Kristie (J) said...

Like I said at Sybil's, this isn't a move I like. I don't suppose you asked if Lord of Scoundrels was going to be reissued. Although - if it's released by Avon, they would probably just keep the original cover *shudder*. But it would be nice for all those who haven't read this wonderful book and who have a hard time finding it, to be able to get it again.

romancelover said...

Hmmmm...I think I just might ask her that. She responds fairly quickly. I paid beaucoup bucks for that one because I couldn't find it anywhere. Everyone talked about it being one of the best romances out there and no book store had it. It would be nice if it's reissued...I see another with the heroine's back and hair showing and the hero visible...possibly fondling said heroine.