Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ways to Be Wicked

Book 2 of Julie Anne Long's three part series is out October 2006. The series is about three sisters, Susannah, Sylvie and Sabrina, separated in infancy by a traumatic event. The first book in the series, BEAUTY AND THE SPY, was excellent and I recommend it to all. If you like Loretta Chase, you'll love this novel! Julie Anne Long has been compared to Loretta in the past...totally agree. The book is a winner; the love story progresses in a realistic manner, meaning the lead characters don't have sex twenty minutes after meeting ala Maxwell's IN THE BED OF THE DUKE (sorry, the love story is still a little too far fetched for my taste). If you haven't read it, get thee to a book store or library and get yourself a copy.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC to Book 2, WAYS TO BE WICKED. Don't ask me how or why...after a few horrendous months at the office, I consider this a little gift from heaven. Much needed and very much deserved, trust me!!! I've already started reading it and can't wait to get through it. The hero, Tom Shaughnessy, is a hot one. I'm already picturing Richard Armitage (sorry, Gerard...I'm cheating on you just this once) playing him. Since I'm still on page 30, I can't really give any sort of review of the novel yet, but I will once I finish, without giving anything away, of course.

On another note...has anyone seen BBC's NORTH AND SOUTH? Gosh, it's so good! I'm waiting for Episodes 3 and 4 to arrive Monday from Netflix. Can't wait. I've been obsessed with anything British lately...watched FOOTBALLERS WIVES, REGENCY HOUSE PARTY. Anyone else as obsessed as I am? I've become an insane Anglophile over the last year. I can't get enough!!!


Fickle Fiona said...

Thanks for the heads up about North and South...I added to Netflix. I too have become a wee bit BBC obsessed of late.


Mailyn said...

I love their accents! well, I love a lot of accents, but theirs do rock.

romancelover said...

FI - you are going to LOVE it. Netflix is sending the other episodes today and I should get them tomorrow (I was hoping I'd get them today)...I want to buy the miniseries. It's that good. I can't get enough of BBC. I'm going to have to post something about it. I need more BBC shows!!!
Mailyn - we need to move to Britain...end of story!!!