Sunday, July 30, 2006

On a Break

In San Diego right now, trying to get a bit of rest. My father was released from the hospital early this morning. He's doing better but can't talk and has a hole in his neck. My mother needs a vacation...BADLY. She will get one. As soon as my dad's better, I'll send them to a bed and breakfast in the mountains somewhere (my mother always says she wants to move to Montana and just be away from everyone, so...).

I'm beginning to think more and more that I was born in the wrong century.....wish I could hop into a romance novel and live the life of a heroine. Gosh...something about Old Town San Diego with its history and houses really got to me today.

I have many reviews coming up. I'll be back in action on Thursday. Might even write one or two while I'm here late at night, if I get a chance. I'm addicted to blogging!!! I wish this vacation were in Britain, but what can I do except save up for a trip up there next year.

Reviews to come:
2. FROM LONDON WITH LOVE by Jenna Petersen

There's much more...I'm on a real reading kick. Books I've been looking forward to for a while are all finally in stores and they did not disappoint, so expect much reading in the future.

Thanks for the prayers re: my father and all the well wishes. It meant a lot.



Mailyn said...

well you just gotta remember it's all sugar coated in the romance world. much as I hate the here and now sometimes there's no way. I mean medicine was worse than now. if you didn't have money you had to work HARD. if you did have money you had all these stupid rules you had to follow and forget the whole love concept. lol.

hope your dad gets better soon. enjoy your vacation. get a damn computer already lol

romancelover said...

I know that...that's why I wish I could be a romance heroine...I know it's fantasy...sniff sniff. I love the fact that we have toilets and so much independence. I don't think I could trade what women have accomplished for a chance to wear a regency gown. Have you seen REGENCY HOUSE PARTY? Gosh, that "time of the month" was torture back then...can't imagine actually having to deal with that without all of today's luxuries.

And yes...I know I need a computer. Using other people's stuff isn't my cup of tea. It's getting old. August is computer month. I'll show you. LOL

Holly said...

Gosh, this no blogging thing during the day is killing me! I'm so sorry to hear about your father and I hope all is well with him now.

Glad you're enjoying yourself in SD. Old Town is one of my favorite places to be. The Gas Lamp District is beautiful, isn't it? We try to go down at least twice a month. You know, you could MOVE there and then me setting you up with James would be much easier. *wink,wink*

romancelover said... sister lives in SD, so I go there sometimes to visit. I don't like the fact that you need a car for everything. I love the weather but wish everything didn't revolve around an automobile.

Maybe you, MM and James should take a SF does that sound?

Holly said...

Too funny. We're actually planning a vaca to SF soon. hehehe Probably in Jan sometime. That should give me time to break them up, right? haha

Gosh, i'm sort of mean, eh? but it's for a good cause! Dammit.

romancelover said...

I just got this...when did you write it? Let me know when you're in town. I can show you my neck of the woods. Maybe you can bring James..hehehe...unless I've met Mr. Right by then...I'm feeling depressed tonight. Argh!