Friday, September 29, 2006

Junior Slump?

Last night was Episode 2 of Grey's Anatomy....can you say BORING? I was bored to tears...I did enjoy Addison's mini breakdown and the return of McSteamy, although I knew he would be returning from all the spoilers lurking on the internet. The writers need to do something about Meredith and McA-hole. Yeah, I think he's an A-hole. I'm sick of their relationship; it's not exciting anymore, if it ever was. Izzie's storyline needs to change ASAP; I'm honestly tired of MENTAL INSTITUTION Izzie. And Alex? What a pig!!! I still want him to be with Izzie though. I was not into the show at all last night. Hopefully, the show isn't experiencing a slump. Maybe it's just me...experiencing a slump, that is. I haven't worked out in weeks...I'm like Izzie, but without the dead boyfriend and the baking. I need a storyline change ASAP also.

Anyone else hate Grey's Anatomy last night? I don't even remember which patient was that bad.

Writers better focus more on regulars not named McDreamy and Meredith if they want to keep my attention.


Holly said...

I haven't seen it yet. I fell asleep on the couch last night and missed it. I'd already heard about the epi anyway, so I wasn't concerned, but I trust your judgement, so if you say it sucked, I believe you.

I thought the first one was boring, too, but I'd hoped this epi would be better. I'm going to stop watching if they don't get over the McDumbasses real quick, though.

Dylan said...

I didn't think the episode last night sucked, well not that I remember much of it anyway since I was blinded by all the hotness that was McSteamy, he completely wiped all memory of the whole rest of the episode of me though...this bit of nakedness totally trumps last season's bit of nakedness...HOLLY YOU MISSED IT??? Oh dear you missed out BIG TIME!

I was more bored with the last episode of Grey's..the premiere than I was of last night's though...

Dylan said...

Oh wait, and I love don't like him? Hmm, I'm always in the minority here, gosh! But that's okay I'll love him enough for the both of us! ;)

Holly said...

Yeah, I missed it, Dee, but DW recorded it for me, so I'll watch it this weekend.

And I love Alex, too. Forgot to add that before. :)

Kate D. said...

McA-hole. Mwah ha ha. It's so true.

We're scrambling to get a post about this up at Anatomy Lab (with a teacher, a grad student, and a doctor working on it "real life" often intrudes on our ability to blog together...) but I agree with what everyone's been saying here.

The only delightful part of the episode for me was the Christina/Burke storyline with his mother. Fabulous!

And Izzie makes me want to poke my eyes out with a stick. End of story.

The patient who died was Benjamin, who also commented to McDreamy (of McGaunt), "It looks like you want to mount her right here." Ha.

I will let you know when we have our post up. Then you can come let out your feelings of rage where other fans will sympathize!

romancelover said...

McGaunt? true...she always has this weird look on her face. She looks airbrushed somehow...

I love Alex, too..just want him to get his act together and save Izzie from mental confinement...she's looking a little nutso!!!

I'm liking Callie more now...that's pretty much what this episode did to me...and yeah, Cristina was funny when she wanted her $20 back, but I'm just sick of Meredith & McDreamy!!!