Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hospital Romance

I love Grey's Anatomy, too! Actually, more than love. I am obsessed, addicted, cannot get enough of it. The show is engaging, smart, sexy. I've never liked hospital drama. I hate ER; couldn't stand CHICAGO HOPE. In fact, I was certain I would hate Grey's Anatomy, so...Season 1 came and went. Didn't watch it. Season 2 started...didn't watch it. It just "didn't appeal to me," or so I thought.

I've known Conny for 11 years. We were friends in college, roommates/enemies (living with a friend is hazardous to that friendship...don't ever do it) for a year. She is identical to me...we may not look alike; she's of Taiwanese descent. I'm of Italian descent. She's has no curves whatsoever and I'm...Italian. Petite and curvy. We look different but our interests, personalities are IDENTICAL. I always thought that was creepy and wonderful at the same time. In any case, she told me I NEEDED to watch Grey's Anatomy. "YOU WILL LOVE SANDRA OH! YOU WILL LOVE THE SHOW." I decided to watch it...why not? How bad could it be? She liked it. We have identical tastes! Ergo...I would like it also. I netflixed it. Watched it. Loved it. Ran to Barnes and Noble. Bought Season 2. Watched it in a few days. Became obsessed. Now watching Season 3. Wow...what a show. I absolutely cannot get enough of it. It's fresh and brilliant (yes, brilliant) and the, well-spoken and...can anyone say ALEX KAREV??? Be still my heart!

I was surprised no one noticed the potential of Patrick Dempsey as a hottie. When I was in college, I noticed a picture of him modeling some clothes for a company; I had to cut out the picture. He made my mouth water. Something about the eyes and the hair. Boy, that man has got some amazing hair (I'm jealous!!!).

The first episode ran Thursday night and I was a little disappointed. Here are my two cents on the characters and storylines of Grey's Anatomy:

Meredith and McDreamy: I'm so sick of them. I'm sick of them. Really I am so done with them. It's time for writers to spend a bit more time on the other regulars. Patrick Dempsey is hot and all, but really I am so over their love story already. I don't want them dating anyone else, mind you. I think they belong together in some odd dysfunctional highly unethical and unhealthly way, but can this man be in love with her after a quick one night stand? Is she that good in bed? He couldn't stop thinking about her after the first time...he had to have her again and again. What the hell! Dude, you just met her. Is he really even in love with Meredith? Judging from how hurt he looked after discovering Addison had cheated on him with his friend Mark (aka McSteamy), it appears to me as if he needs someone to save him from his hurts, a rebound chick if you will. I have a feeling Mer is headed for big time heartache this season. Just my opinion.

Meredith and McVet: Really McVet is very sweet....too sweet. I smell skeletons in the closet, which would make him a lot more interesting than he is now. I want to throw your hat or whatever in the race for Meredith's love, but really do you know Meredith at all? What is it about this chick? Is she that exciting? Personally, if I were a guy I'd want to date Cristina. She's smart and I love her sharp wit. Right now McVet is McBORING!!!

Bailey: I also smell skeletons in her intern past...why does she refuse to talk to Izzie, as previews for next week's episode suggest? Did she herself fall in love with a patient during her first year as a surgical intern? Just speculating. I do miss Nazi Bailey, believe it or not, but I'm digging this side of her, too. Nazi Bailey is still there...writers are just showing us there's a big heart beneath the ice.

Richard: Boy, oh, Boy! Dude doesn't want to be near his wife at all. I'm guessing he never really loved her...was with her out of guilt. Does he have any kids? Looks like his wife has given him the boot...guess that means he'll have a love interest in the near future, but who? Addison? She is more of a daughter to him, but they're both in pain, right? Anything could happen! Boy, wouldn't that be awkward. It's obvious Richard feels a lot of pain over cheating on his wife. He can't even look her in the eye. There are a lot of unresolved issues between him and Meredith's mom. Unfortunately, due to her Alzeimer's, it looks like they will never really be a resolution.

Alex: He really got me when he cared for Izzie after Denny died. Out of all her friends, he was the one who knew exactly what to do and say to calm her down and get her off Denny's bed. He may be immature and an ass at times, but you can tell he's got a heart. He holds on to a great deal of pain caused by a difficult childhood and I'm hoping the writers will delve more into his character this season. I'm sick of seeing him as the ass of Seattle Grace. There's a reason he's the way he is. I'm hoping we find out soon! I would love to see him and Izzie together. Their relationship ended so can hope, right???

Izzie: Argh! I wanted to beat the shit out of her at the end of Season 2. Is this chick for real? Falling in love with a patient? Getting angry at him for signing a DNR? Cutting his wires, essentially killing him? What the fuck? Izzie, are you insane!? 4 years of med school, baby! You flushed 4 years of med school down the toilet. I still don't understand the Denny/Izzie relationship. How long was he in the hospital for her to fall in love with him? Wow...girl went seriously psycho and it took her all of episode one on Thursday to get her ass and face off the probably very dirty and unsanitary bathroom floor (these people are doctors?). I would like her to get her act together, go back to being an intern and into Alex's arms...sorry, I have a thing for Alex and Izzie. They belong together!!! more thing...the bleached blonde bimbo look's gotta go. I liked her hair a bit more last season.

Cristina and Burke: If the writers break them up, I will seriously go to ABC headquarters in NYC or LA or whereever and go on a hunger strike 'til they get back together. These two belong together! I'm sure their relationship will not be a bed of roses, but I'm hoping writers show their hard times without getting one to break up with the other. Also, no cheating...if one of them fucks over the other, then someone will have to pay. Don't mess with this couple!!!
Having said that, what the fuck was with Cristina freezing up on Burke when he needed her the most? I wanted to see her cry for him and get on her knees...we're seeing a bit more of that now, but I'm hoping she gives him the love he truly deserves. Hopefully, she'll be able to tell him she loves him when he's actually awake!

George and Callie: Ok...1) Callie is very sweet and I love her personality and 2) George deserves a great girl who will love and treasure him always. That being said...I don't like the woman who actually plays Callie...sorry, but she looks like she could beat the crap out of George. It's not even the's more like the goth look she's sporting...the hair..I just want to cute it off. Maybe if she had a cute little bob or something. Right now, she just looks dirty. Maybe it was that episode from Season 2 when she went to pee and didn't wash her hands (she said she did, but whatever). I guess I want George to have a girl who loves him but also one who is somewhat dangerous and sexy, which leads me to....

George and Addison: Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this pairing would be genius. I know they never interact and I know people are thinking and wanting her to have hot casual sex with Alex, but I think Addison and George together would be incredible. Call me crazy, but I think George is the only male cast member who can actually put her in her place. Despite appearances, Addison is very insecure and she needs someone honest to treasure her. George will tell her off in his own way and will also treasure her when she needs it. Imagine it...really...just picture it. I think it would work.

Addison: I don't want her hooking up with Alex or Derek. I hope she gets over him and finds someone else (George) to obsess about.

McSteamy: I hope he doesn't fall in love with more! I'd love to see him with...gosh, maybe even Izzie for a few episodes but, of course, she'd have to dump him for Alex.
I think we're in for an awesome Season 3. I see McSteamy creating a lot of drama. I'd like to see McDreamy get a little jealous over Addison. He says he doesn't love her, but it wouldn't hurt to have him doubt his 2nd choice Meredith. Wouldn't that be fun???

Gosh, I am obsessed with this show. I cannot get enough and I'm glad fellow romance bloggers are as obsessed as moi! Can't wait 'til Thursday.


Mailyn said...

LMAO. You need to joing Dylan, Holly, Izzy and Jazz. They are gaga over this.

Welcome back!

Jane said...

Nicole - I will totally be with you to storm the ABC studios if Christina and Burke are broken up. Or I will stop watching the show because like you I am sOOOOOOOOO over McDreamy and McMeh. They belong together and making the entire show about them drives me absolutely fucking nuts.

My mall has a New York store and I hate looking at their pansified pictures advertising these clothes. Oh, and did you see Ellen Pompeii on punk'd? It's on youtube.

Of course, I am not a little influenced by my hate of her character. Sorry.

romancelover said...

Nicole? I'm Daniela...sniff sniff

Kate D. said...

Yay! I love this post. I should be grading papers right now, instead I'm obsessing about the panties on the bulletin board. LOVE ADDISON!

Is anyone web-savvy enough to create a webring? I want to read up on all the romance readers' take on Grey's! Hmm... what would we call our ring? Who could design a button?

I sense an email to Mailyn in my future...

Jane said...

Oh god, yes, i knew that because nicole is blog happy and you are where's my hero. :( Can you hit me over the head cybernetically?

Holly said...

LOL! She has been, Mailyn! *snicker*

I'm with Jane and Nicole (*snicker*) that we need to kill the ABC people if they break up burktina. They're the best part of the show!

When I first read your theory about George/Addy I scoffed, but I'm kind of warming to the idea. :)

Candice Hern said...

Hey, I have a new Discussion Board where we've been talking about this show (I'm addicted, too). I'm still breaking in the board and haven't formally rolled it out yet, but do stop by:

Look under the "etc" forum for the Grey's Anatomy discussions.


Avid Reader said...

I loved the first season and second season just came out. I'm trying to hurry and finish watching it so I can catch up with season 3333333333333.....! Like you, I'm addicted but behind!


Dylan said...

Oh damn, I love this show! I have talked about this show so many hot damn times it's not even funny, it's a favorite of mine! ;)

So I guess I'm in the minority because I am still a McDreamy/Meredith fan!! After them, it's Alex and Izzie for me, but I don't really care for Christina (I'm still pissed at her for last season with Burke needing her and her being too much of a pansy to be there for him!) and Burke. They're okay, just meh for me.

Love LOVE love this post though!

Kate D. said...

Awesome. Hey, lady... where'd you get the cool top pic of red dress Izzie in a wheel chair, etc?

Who's on the web ring?

Must eat. Nap. Then grade.

romancelover said...

I just typed up Grey's Anatomy cast photos on google and some pictures came up...that's it. I can't wait for tonight.

Dylan - I'm sick of Meredith...big time. I love all the others though.

Denise said...

You need to watch season 1 so you understand Derek & Meredith's relationship - he didn't just meet her @ the end of season 2.

romancelover said...

I did see Season 1, Denise, and after last night and can't stand the pair even more.