Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Funk is Over

At least, I think it the last few weeks, I've read one bad book after the other...books I've wanted to hurl out the window, rip to shreds and use as confetti. All this changed last night...I finished Once A Gentleman by Candice Hern and WOW...what a good book! It wasn't earth shattering or as breathtaking as a Brockway novel or even a Balogh, but it was good and it did what no book has been able to do in the last month: it released me from the curse of the funk caused by Avon. The premise wasn't exactly one of the most original, but Hern's depiction of Prudence and Nicholas Parrish truly managed to reel me in. Prudence represents every young girl in the world who never feels worthy of her mate...insecure and shy, all she wants is for her beloved to LOVE her and accept her as a woman, not merely a friend. Nicholas, on the other hand, is a typical male...frustrating, oblivious and so darn's hard to think straight. The romance is funny and sweet and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you, Ms. Hern...the money is on the dresser, Chocolate!

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