Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Me against the Publishers

How annoying is it when you eagerly await a book and then discover that for some unknown jacked up reason (see $$$) it's been postponed either indefinitely or 'til next year?!?!? This happened a few months ago with Lisa Kleypas' long awaited Wallflower Series. Book 2 is set to grace stores beginning October 2005. Book 3 was all set to be released a month later...too good to be true? Two books from Avon back to back? Miracle? Yeah, didn't think so either. Lisa Kleypas informed all fans and avon message board junkies (such as myself...I hate to admit it, but I'm addicted) that DEVIL IN WINTER would be released in....get this...MARCH 2006...yeah, a book set in Winter will be released in the Spring and the following one which supposedly is set in Spring comes out MAYBE (because Avon is too busy give anyone this info) in the summer. Thanks AVON! Thanks a lot!!! I thought the books were supposed to be out each season?...I mean the first one came out in Summer of 2004 (yeah, I've been waiting this long for a frickin' book) . I may sound impatient and I am, but I wouldn't have a problem waiting IF the author were still writing the book....THIS BOOK HAS BEEN WRITTEN for months...it could have easily been released months ago even, but AVON is going to hold on to it because "it has to meet its obligations to all avon authors not just Kleypas." Whatever...thanks for the bullcrap excuse, too! Thanks for thinking readers of romance novels are complete morons! You suck us in with the series books and then you squeeze'em out like juice out of a rock. Thanks jerks!!! I was tempted to stop reading the books altogether BUT I can't. The one I really really want to read is the 3rd book...I've been looking forward to it since Kleypas put the excerpt out...Gosh, if only I could get my hands on a copy and then I could stiff Avon out of the money I would shell out to get it in March.

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