Friday, January 05, 2007

A Lady's Pleasure

I'm still not sure what to think about this book, the first of a series. I have to say that, despite the fact that I found myself skimming quite a few pages, I'll probably read the second one...and the third, only because I'm curious to see what happens to its secondary characters.

Merriam Everett is your typical romance novel widow - forced to marry a decrepit old man in her youth only to be left completely ignored by him during the marriage. She does everything a boring young widow would do, attends boring society meetings with old matrons, wears gray dresses and does not even come close to causing any scandals. She is invisible and doesn't quite mind, until she overhears Julian Clay, a rake of the first order, say he wouldn't do her EVEN if they paid him to. She's infuriated and loses it. She decides to seduce the man and make him pay during a masquerade ball. I think you know where I'm going with this....she ends up seducing Drake Sotherton instead (Oops!) and running off immediately thereafter. Of course, Drake can't get his mind off the little harlot and the wonders she subjected him to (WHATEVER!); after some research, he finds her and asks her to be his mistress for the Season. She accepts.

The story contains a murder mystery that I wasn't overly impressed with. It was wrapped up fairly quickly...too quickly. I was expecting more.

As for the love dear....there is a lot of sex in this book...a lot of rough sex. Too much, to be honest. The lead characters are doing it every chapter. There was a point I actually screamed COME ON, ALREADY! GIVE IT A REST. Love scenes are fine and I love me a good sex scene to read, but seriously....I heard more groans and grunts than actual conversation coming out of these people. I didn't get to know the characters as much as I wanted. I didn't know what the hero and heroine had in common; all they did was have sex sex sex sex..... Did they ever do anything besides have sex? Who was the hero? Who was the heroine? No clue...I do know that they liked to have a lot of sex though.

Despite all this, the author shows great promise and I will be reading Bernard's 2nd book out later this year. I wanted to give this book a glowing review, but I can't. I'd give it a C+ because of the potential and the fire it sparked in me to read the rest of the series. Normally, bad books will turn me off an author, especially one new to me. This wasn't the case with Ms. Bernard.

Check out her site, for more info.


sybil said...

Great review but I liked it more than you did. Let me know if read the antho The School for Heiresses.

I am typing up the review right now so it is on my mind. LOVED liz's, sabrina's was fun, didn't much care for London's and thought Renee's was good (it is her first antho) but nothing great. I thought A Lady's Pleasure was much better.

It would be funny if you LOVED it and thought ALP was eh.

Kristie (J) said...

I found this one started out great and then kind of fizzled on me. I couldn't even really recall it that much from your review. I put it down and haven't finished it yet. I will sometime I suppose. The author shows promise so I might try her again.

Devonna said...

I have this one on my wishlist ~ but I'm not sure now. I don't mind sex scenes, but I don't want them to be the primary thing going for the hero and heroine. I might have to rethink this one.

Great review!

romancelover said...

Sybil - LOL...yeah, I thought ALP was ok. I won't stop reading Bernard though...she def has a lot of talent!
I just got the antho and I'll def review it once I'm done with it.

Kristie - I felt the same...I was going to put it down, but didn't because I wanted to know how it ended and because the secondary characters, especially Julian Clay (the "villain"), were pretty interesting...actually I loved Julian Clay...and I hope he's part of the third book of the series!

Devonna - I don't know why...but I can't completely throw this author under the bus. Something about the book...I would read it. I have a feeling her next ones will be good....hopefully.

Mailyn said...

Who was the hero? Who was the heroine? No clue...I do know that they liked to have a lot of sex though.


Jenster said...

LOL!!! Great critique and thanks for the info. Doesn't sound like something I'm too interested in so another crisis averted!

Dylan said...

Hmm, that was a fantastic review and even though you didnt' like it all that much (you know what I mean) I still want to read it..I'm adding this to my list, and there's more books after this one? Great.

Holly said...

Oh, snap! I need to fix your comments thing, eh? I'll work on that tomorrow.