Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In the Heath of the Night

Ok..I was trying to write up some clever title to the post and that's all I came up with. If you can come up with a better one, let me know. I'm still in shock over what happened to the writing abilities, never mind the imagination, of famed romance writer, Lorraine Heath. I have three words for you and excuse the profanity here...not suitable for children at all. WHAT. THE. FUCK? I simply do not understand what happened to the voice of this distinguished author.

For a while, every time I'd stumble upon a romance blog reviewing any one of Heath's recent books, I'd always hear the same two words over and over again: Rawley Cooper. Who was this mysterious character that everyone wanted Heath to write a book about? I didn't know and I really didn't care. These same bloggers refused to read any of Heath's new books. At the time, this seemed to me as rather foolish. I thought Heath's Victorians were better than sliced bread....great works of romance. What a joke! Various bloggers insisted I read Heath's old Westerns to fully comprehend why they would never read any of Heath's Victorian series books. I finally, after much procrastinating on my part, decided to do so.

And today...after reading the entire TEXAS series, I can finally let out a deep breath and say....RAWLEY COOPER.

How can Heath not write a book about him? How can she just keep him on the shelf? WHY? HOW? Does the story of a strong man paired with an equally strong woman not fit Avon Publishing's schedule? Does the romance world really need more dukes and spoiled heiresses from Heath?

Enough! Enough! Me want Rawley Cooper!!! I want Heath to ditch the rogues and the roses and whatever douche bag duke she's currently concocting. Enough of the empty-headed, spoiled rotten heiresses who almost deserve to get thrown in the River Thames. Enough! I want Rawley Cooper. I want a man who has fought for his life, for the mere chance to breathe. I want a man with depth...a man who doesn't just sleep around and play card games with the rest of the ton. I want a man who can grab a pistol and kill his next meal, a man whom I'd feel comfortable taking care of me....and I want a heroine who is just as strong, who can survive the elements of the old West.

I want the old Heath back.

Rawley Cooper....Rawley Cooper...oh, please GIVE ME RAWLEY COOPER!!!


Wendy said...

Your last paragraph pretty much sums up why western fans are so frustrated these days. I got nothing against England, but my odds are better with westerns that I'm going to get the kinds of heroes and heroines I like to read about.

And how's this for an alternate tite? Heath Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Kristie (J) said...

Comparing her books of today to her books of yesteryear, I'm almost afraid to read Rawley's book now. My greatest fear is that she will take him and move him to England. That would just about kill me and Wendy ;) and so many fans of her old Westerns.
And dare I hope that you have joined the ranks of us always hopeful but so often disappointed Western fans?
I've no idea why they have taken such a tumble in the past few years. Like Wendy said, your last paragraph gets it exactly why I love Westerns. The heroes were so much more - I don't know - commanding maybe - than those of English historicals. They knew what it was to work whereas most of the English aristocracy just kind of hang out, well unless they are spies or something. Those seem to abound these days. And if you are calling out for some good Westerns, why there little lady, I think we can give you some *g*.

And I do like Wendy's title too!

Lori said...

I have got to read me the Texas series! I've had it on my Amazon wish list for ages. Now I think I know what to spend some of my Amazon Christmas $$ on...

sybil said...

Le sigh... I just don't know.

At this point, do we really want Rawley? I mean I think so but is it AVON. Did avon change Heath?

Or did Heath's writing change? She says she is writing what she wants to. Her story in My Hero's Have Always Been Cowboys is good... and western... but is no where near Texas.

Kristie (J) said...

She may say that but I don't buy it!! Her newer books can't even compare to her westerns. Who wants to write inferior books as they advance in their writing careers. I thinks she's spouting the party line.

Milan Loka said...

I know exactly what you are going through.
The minute that Jayne Ann Krentz changed I cried for years. Where did she go????

And FINALLY she is back to her old style, but I had to really whine about it for years before someone finally paid any attention to me.

romancelover said...

Sounds crazy, but I will continue to read Heath, despite this. I always hope for the best when it comes to authors that have gone bad (except for SL, also avon author...she just blows my mind...hate her books).

Heath's TEXAS series make me want to read Westerns..they really made me think of how petty and asinine her new heroes are. They don't do anything...what makes them heroes? They sleep around and sleep around and live off others...I need a hero...a real one.

And yeah..I have a feeling that if Rawley were brought back, it'd be somewhere in England, after all isn't his uncle a famous musician traveling all over the world,living in London? Yeah...sounds like RC would be most definitely marrying some Brit. This would piss me off!

Holly said...

Tag, you're it..

Kate D. said...

I actually stopped reading westerns because I'm VERY picky about the historical research. I was a history major, after all, and I live in the west. And I have this "thing" about outlaws and hookers... that, well, we won't get into it.

But you've intruged me. I think I'm going to have to check out this author. In fact, I'm opening up my local library web page in another window as we speak.

Thanks for the tip!

Kate D. said...

P.S. Tagged you.

Kate D. said...

P.P.S. No. Didn't tag you. Holly already did. Damn.

peppermintfreddo said...
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peppermintfreddo said...

I have fantastic news.......I’m on Lorraine Heath’s mailing list and I received her latest email this morning. She has announced that Rawley will finally be getting his story in 2019!!!!