Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Unsolved Mystery of Judith Ivory

Avon proves yet again that it doesn’t give a flying shit about its fans. I am one of the biggest Lisa Kleypas, Mary Balogh, and Julia Quinn fans out there. Anyone wishing to dispute this, be my guest. Occasionally, I do find myself indulging in books written by other authors. Sabrina Jeffries, Connie Brockway, Elizabeth Boyle, Sara Bennett…the list goes on and on. I’ve stumbled a few times, by stupidly reading a Jane Feather novel (save yourself hours of distress and boredom) or even a lame Laurens’ book (honestly…when the hell is her Cynster series going to end?). One Avon author, though, once did what alcohol and valium could never do to me.

During a flight from San Francisco to New York’s JFK, I managed to forget I was on a plane thanks to Judith Ivory’s UNTIE MY HEART. Yes, ladies (and maybe gentlemen? There’s got to be at least one guy out there who reads romance novels), the book was that good. I’m one of those people who freak out easily on a plane, which is unfortunate because I LOVE to travel. I get up a million times. I breathe in and out. I can never seem to actually relax and just fall asleep or watch the already seen bad movie they always choose to show, without thinking the plane is going to crash and I’ll end up blown to bits by the impact. However, about a year ago, I read UNTIE MY HEART and boy, it did just that. The book has it all; it’s funny, romantic, intelligent and, if you choose to read it, it will take your breath away and make you want for more. I immediately had to buy more of her books.

As is the case with every romantic fanatic, I immediately had to add her website to my FAVORITES. I was shocked when I was told her site had been shut down. What happened? There was nothing on the Avon site (who holds Ivory out as one of their authors) stating something was wrong….no real news as to the whereabouts of the author. After doing some research, I discovered various sites speculating and learned that many believed she was suffering from serious health concerns; other sites claimed it was back trouble; some sites said it was nothing, that she was working on her latest book set in the Victorian era. As to be expected, Avon never had anything on their site answering any of the fans’ questions.

However, I wasn’t surprised after the stunt they pulled by postponing Lisa Kleypas’ highly anticipated DEVIL IN WINTER, something I’m still angry about! Today, I found out from a fan that Ivory might have health issues and was given Ivory’s Literary Agent’s contact information. Yes, I had to get this info from a fan, someone who might not even know the whole truth. Is Avon really that doubtful of their fans’ intelligence? Do they think we’ll stand around and believe that they don’t know what’s up with Judith Ivory? She’s obviously still breathing. I’m sure they would post something as serious as death on their website (but then again, I might be giving them too much credit).

More and more, I want to boycott Avon. Is anyone else irritated by this? Is anyone else here a Judith Ivory fan? Maybe even a fan who KNOWS the truth? This entire thing stinks of something fierce. Sometimes, I think they just gave her the ax and just don’t want to admit it because they know her fans would want their heads on a stick.

I’m not at all surprised by Avon’s behavior…their silence speaks loud and clear. They don’t care about fans…they only want their money. I realized this the day DEVIL IN WINTER was postponed, when they ignored Kleypas’ pleas not to do so. Today is just further proof of it. I will write to Ivory’s literary agent and hope to get some answers…answers AVON is not really interested in giving (you'd think they would have plenty of time, because clearly they don't really edit their books anymore). What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Should I just chill out (you may think so, but I won’t)? Your comments will be most welcome.


La Karibane said...

I hear you, sister! I'm a big Judith Ivory fan and Untie My Heart is such a keeper, I wonder if I won't have to buy another copy just so I can wear out the one I have now without fear!!!!

I've heard the health rumors too. I even left a message on the Avon Ladies board asking for info, NO REPLY, NOTHING!!!

I'm as unhappy about this as you. Seriously, can't the publisher just put out a note ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE just to let us dollar-spending, book-buying fans know if the woman is dead or something!?!

[deep breath] Anyway, let me know if you hear anything.

zoestarchild said...

If anyone hears anything about Judith Ivory please spread the word. I heard "back problems" and the source given was wikipedia, but I couldn't decipher the source of that info. ??!!

zoestarchild said...

If anyone hears anything about Judith Ivory please spread the word. I heard "back problems" but the source given was wikipedia and that info was impossible to confirm.

Antoinette said...

YES!!! Every once and a while I search again to know avail. She is really THE BEST romance author there is out there. Well, it's between her and Kinsale, but other than that she has no competition.Her heroines are complex, her heroes are so charismatic and compelling, and each one so different.

Can someone just throw me a bone?

Unknown said...

there is no one as good as judith ivory. laura kinsale is wonderful too