Sunday, July 08, 2007

Are You Kidding?

ADD on Acid. I have no other explanation for this novel. I am shocked...SHOCKED, I TELL YOU...that Gaelen Foley wrote it. It was extremely amateurish and I cannot recommend it. Luckily, I know what Foley is capable of and I will read her upcoming novels, but I still cannot get the sour taste this novel left in my mouth. Blaugh! Terrible.


janet w said...

Hey Girlfriend! So summer is all kids and more kids and trying to find time to hike a bit, do some BodyReving ... and Of Course, READ ... and my gf sent me a PILE of books and they were almost all widower books! So not kidding. And this book was, I'm sorry, just dismal. I ADORED the story of Bel and her Duke but this author is getting diluted. Just my opinion :)

Kate D. said...

I'm doing a purge of my used books and everything by Gaelen Foley (except "The Duke") is in my "TBR for Possible Discarding" pile.

I'm really starting to wonder if there are any Sure-Buy Authors out there. Thus far, I haven't been disappointed by Julie Anne Long, and I like Lani Diane Rich... huh, both Warner authors... though didn't Long go to Avon?

Anyone out there have any Sure-Buy authors to recommend? My reading pile is thin and sad, now that I've finished the last Harry Potter.

romancelover said...

I love Julie Anne Long!!! She's amazing!!! I love Kleypas...she's always an auto-buy for me. I hear the new Quinn book is good...dunno...lately her books have sucked major you know what. :)

Giselle said...

Ugh I felt the same way about HOD. It made me want to gouge my eyeballs out to stop the misery.What's happened to her?