Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm back

...and here to stay. Several reviews coming soon. Will begin reading Kleypas's SUGAR DADDY this weekend. Am extremely excited. The reviews have been incredible.

Check out my post on 3/29/07 on Romancing the Blog, my very first. Hopefully, not too many tomatoes and eggs will be flung at me.


Mailyn said...

OK so all I care about is when Lisa will publish Cam's story. There is a new excerp on the site, still, no publishing date. Know something I don't???

romancelover said...

No clue Mailyn...need to update my site again. Will keep you are you???

Holly said...

I swear I just read something about it. Sept or Nov, I think.

I read your post, D, and it's really good. The only book I've ever read where the hero cheated that I was able to get past was Your Wicked Ways by Eloise James. I have no idea WHY it worked for me, but it did. I fell in love with the hero, just as the heroine did. Fabulous read.

Otherwise, I can't think of one at all.